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About Material Handling Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1999, employee owned since 2008, and calling Louisville, Kentucky home - Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHS) has drawn from our employees' experience and expertise to become one of the leading material handling system integrators in North America. With a commitment to ensure quality, performance, and safety - we are ready to solve all of your material handling needs.

Areas of Expertise:

Please see our Services Provided page for more information on these areas.

Our philosophy at MHS:
“Go over, go under, go around, or go through... but never give up.” Here at MHS we believe that although the answer to the question may not always be an easy one; there is in fact, always an answer. Whatever the course of action may be, we are ready to work with you in finding a solution.

Material Handling Systems, Inc. - 3955 East Blue Lick Road - Louisville, Kentucky 40229 - Phone: (502) 636-0690 - Fax: (502) 635-2987